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Elevate Your Practice with MyPocketDoc, General Medical Care (TeleConsult), Urgent Medical Care, and HeartCheck

Embrace the Future of Healthcare Interaction. Are you ready to take your medical practice to new heights and redefine patient care?


Join our network of esteemed healthcare professionals and become a panel service provider with MyPocketDoc and HeartCheck. Here's why being part of our network is not just an opportunity but a strategic move to transform your practice.

Why Join Our Network?

Access a Stream of Patients

  • We actively drive patients to our network of service providers.

  • Benefit from increased visibility and a continuous flow of patients through our platform.


Seamless Telemedicine Services

  • Conduct efficient General Medical Care (TeleConsult) and Urgent Medical Care using your mobile phone or desktop computer. 

  • Turn on your availability whenever suits you, offering on-demand care to our subscribers.

Urgent Medical Care with TeleExam and National Early Warning Signs Score:

  • Provide Urgent Medical Care with precision using our TeleExam feature.

  • Utilise the National Early Warning Signs Score for swift and accurate assessments, facilitated by health results collected from our advanced health collection device, MyPocketDoc.

Participate in HeartCheck Programme

  • Engage with subscribers through our innovative HeartCheck programme.

  • Conduct quarterly consultations to review progress, all facilitated by our platform.


Flexibility in Service Provision

  • MyPocketDoc allows you to connect with patients at any time, providing unparalleled flexibility.

  • Offer Urgent Medical Care seamlessly integrated with health monitoring devices.


Comprehensive Patient Management

  • Utilise MyPocketDoc for a complete healthcare solution. Access patient records, conduct video consultations, and seamlessly manage patient care.

How to join our network?

  1. Sign Up: Begin your journey by registering on our platform.

  2. Credential Verification: Our team ensures that your credentials meet the highest standards.

  3. Training and Onboarding: Once approved, receive comprehensive training on utilizing MyPocketDoc and HeartCheck, empowering you to maximize your role as a panel service provider.

  4. Start Growing Your Practice: Turn on your availability, embrace the power of MyPocketDoc and HeartCheck, and watch your practice thrive with a steady influx of patients.

  5. Join Our Network Today: Where Innovation Meets Patient-Centric Care

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