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Start using MyPocketDoc NOW!

Step 1 - Download MyPocketDoc

Access MyPocketDoc by downloading it from either the Apple Store or Google Playstore 

Step 2 - Registration

Initiate the registration process by creating a new account and verifying your email

Step 3 - Log-in 

Log in to MyPocketDoc 

Step 4 - Profile and Medical Summary Completion

Navigate to the main menu button (located on the top left), and diligently fill out your profile and medical summary.

Step 5 - Top-Up Call Credit

Proceed to top-up your first call credit. 

Step 6 - Select Credit Amount

Choose the amount of credit you wish to top-up.

Step 7 - Complete Payment

Proceed to finalize your payment using available methods such as Credit/Debit Card, FPX, and e-wallets.

Step 8 - Placing your first call

Navigate to the main screen, access "Doctor/Consultation," and select the type of consultation needed to initiate your first call.

Step 9 - Select A Doctor

Select an available doctor of your choice to commence your consultation.

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