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MyPocketDoc Sdn Bhd

(Formerly known as OurCheckup Sdn Bhd)


MyPocketDoc Sdn Bhd is a digital health company offering a versatile and scalable digital medical services supported by our award-winning platform called OurCheckup that facilitates seamless access and efficient management of health data for individuals and healthcare providers. 


Our goal is to build a comprehensive digital health ecosystem to improve the overall healthcare acquisition and delivery system.

We are committed to provide an entire array of tools and technology to help  individuals realise this aspiration, hence our tagline “Healthcare By You”.



Our Vision is to be the leading Digital Health service provider in Asia Pacific.


to help individuals live a healthier and longer lives


Our business is about providing you with a platform, the tools and the motivation to measure and preserve your heart health and assess your 10-year risk of Cardiovascular Disease.



With an aim to improve patients’ overall outcome, improve quality of care, promote patient engagement, increase doctor productivity and to reduce unnecessary hospitalisations, MyPocketDoc Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Ourcheckup Sdn Bhd) operates in an ecosystem that comprises of:


  • Research and Development Partners; 

  • Board of Advisors consisting of medical professionals and technocrats;

  • Independent Panel Doctors across the nation and the Asia Pacific region

  • Medical Institutions

  • Dieticians and Nutritionists.



Our platform, known as OurCheckup (acronym for Continuous HEalth data Collection, Keeping, UPdating and analytics) is a cloud-based platform that serves as the foundation for our range of digital medical services. It works as a complete system, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR), telemedicine capabilities, appointment scheduling, health monitoring with analytics, secure communication tools, and medication administration.


The platform allows for the digitalization of patient information, virtual consultations, and the automation of administrative chores such as appointment scheduling and prescription management.


OurCheckup prioritises security and compliance to safeguard the confidentiality of sensitive medical data. The use of diagnostic tools improves the efficiency of data collecting and processing. This description emphasises the platform's significance in digitalising healthcare delivery and managing medical services more efficiently.

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